We are on a mission

The NDCA enables neurodivergent individuals to develop practical skills required for a career in cyber security. Backed by the UK Cyber Skills Immediate Fund, Immersive Labs is working with the National Autistic Society and UK Cyber Security Forum CIC to help develop the technical capabilities of individuals who are often overlooked when it comes to employment.

NDCA sponsorship gives your organisation unrivalled access to this pool of talented and motivated individuals, unlimited job advertising and pre-qualified candidates ready to start their career in cyber.

How does it work?

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Practical learning

NDCA users complete technical challenges (the labs) spun up on demand through the browser, which is available 24/7. This virtual environment enables users to get hands-on with real-life cyber scenarios.

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Our platform requires users to demonstrate their resilience, resourcefulness and perseverance. These are fundamental characteristics for cyber talent, taking them from cyber novice to ninja as quickly as they dare.

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We reward our users with points and badges. The gamification of our platform plays a crucial part to its success as a learning tool. Users can compete against each other and rise up the leaderboard.

Sponsorship Benefits

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Access the best new talent

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Unlimited job adverts

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Technical testing

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Pre-qualified applicants

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Diversify your workforce

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Take the lead

Do you want to sponsor our Neurodivergent Digital Cyber Academy ™?

“The Immersive Labs training platform is already recognised as state-of-the-art in cyber security training.
The creation of this digital cyber academy represents an amazing opportunity for neurodiverse people to be trained up in cyber security and helps to address the growing skills gap within that field.”

Emma Philpott, Founder and Manager of the Cyber Security Forum

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Streamlining your recruitment process

Assessing technical capabilities upfront allows you to spend time on the candidates with the right skills. Create bespoke technical tests from over 300 industry-leading labs.

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Diversify your workplace

Recruiting based on pre-validated technical skills removes typical barriers that prevent under-represented groups working in cyber security.

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Be the change

Build an inclusive and welcoming culture within your organisation. Be at the forefront of industry diversification and enhance corporate image.

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Don't miss out on talent

Benefit from the skills and strengths of this pool of untapped talent and solve your cyber skills shortage.

“Untapped talent in cyber security can be found anywhere but unless we look for it everywhere, we risk missing out.
Diversity should be at the heart of what we do as we work to build a Britain which is fit for the future.”

Margot James MP, Digital and the Creative Industries

Do you want to sponsor our Neurodivergent Digital Cyber Academy™?

We are on a mission to solve the cyber skills shortage.

Discover the untapped pool of talented individuals ready to start their careers in cyber security.