Role: PGI Cyber Security Internship

Location: Bristol

Job Ad Reference: IM6854


About PGI

PGI is a medium-sized Cyber security company based in Bristol which offers the full range of Cyber security services to its clients in the UK and overseas – CREST registered penetration testing and incident response, forensics and consultancy – alongside UK government certified Cyber-security training supported by its high-powered immersive training infrastructure with up to 100 virtual machines per user. As a PGI Intern, you’ll be exposed to and tested in the full range of operational Cyber security roles and may have the opportunity to deploy overseas to support our training or operational Cyber security programmes

In this role you’ll be able to develop technical, communication and business skills in the field of cyber security. In order to learn more about the role and apply for the internship you must have completed the following labs within the Digital Cyber Academy:

Cyber SOC Analysis – All

Linux Command Line – All  

Ethical Web Hacking: SQL Injection

Ethical Infrastructure Hacking: Linux Privilege Escalation and Routing Modifications 

Networking – All


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