We are on a mission

The SDCA enables any student, in full or part-time study, from any higher education institution across the UK, US, Singapore, Australia and Canada to learn and develop REAL hands-on cyber skills and get recognised by employers for cyber security jobs.

SDCA sponsorship gives your organisation exclusive access to the pool of cyber talent, unlimited job advertising and pre-qualified candidates. Jobs are unlocked based on skills alone, removing unconscious bias and increasing diversity in your cyber security team.

Our process works. The SDCA is currently sponsored by BAE Systems, Grant Thornton, KPMG and Managed Services. We’ve got students from 285 higher education institutions across the globe using our platform to get better at cyber security.

How does it work?

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Practical learning

Students complete technical challenges (the labs) spun up on demand through the browser, which are available 24/7. This virtual environment enables users to get hands on with real-life cyber scenarios.

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Our platform requires students to demonstrate their resilience, resourcefulness and perseverance. These are fundamental characteristics for cyber talent, taking them from cyber novice to ninja as quickly as they dare.

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We reward our users with points and badges. The gamification of our platform plays a crucial part in its success as a learning tool. Students from across the globe can compete against each other and rise up the leaderboard.

Sponsorship Benefits


Access to best new talent


Unlimited job adverts


Technical testing


Pre-qualified  applicants


Diversify your workforce


Unbeatable brand awareness

Do you want to sponsor our Students’ Digital Cyber Academy™?

“Everyone in the industry knows of the shortages of cyber-talent – but Immersive Labs have found a solution to tackle this in an exciting and engaging way.
We see the opportunities in how we go about recruitment, identify talent, upskill our analyst teams, and support our customer needs through Immersive Labs.”

Dr Adrian Nish, Head of Threat Intelligence, BAE Systems

Streamlining your recruitment process

Assessing technical capabilities upfront allows you to spend time on the candidates that matter. Create your bespoke technical test from over 300 industry leading labs.

Finding the best

Our global SDCA leaderboard can help you identify new cyber talent. With unlimited job postings, the SDCA platform can help solve your cyber skills shortage.

Focus on skills, not degrees

Build a team of curious and capable individuals from mixed backgrounds and study disciplines, removing the unconscious bias that comes from CV sifting.

Shape the next gen workforce

Be the first to discover the talent and be pivotal in the first steps of their career in cyber.

“I’ve found that it has given me the opportunity to explore a lot of areas that my university doesn’t cover or doesn’t cover on a more technical level. I’ve always found that I’ve learned better from doing rather than reading or being “talked at” by lecturers so the environment that Immersive Labs provides has been really beneficial for me.”

Alexander, SDCA User

Do you want to sponsor our Students' Cyber Academy™?

We are on a mission to solve the cyber skills shortage.

Discover this wealth of next generation cyber talent.